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Prolactin Inhibitor and Dopamine Boosting Drugs and Supplements

Keeping levels of the mood boosting neurotransmitter dopamine high is crucial for optimising testosterone levels, body composition and sex drive.

The neurotransmitter dopamine is the body’s natural prolactin inhibitor. Learn how to control your prolactin levels to improve you testosterone and sex drive.

A high dopamine level partially blocks prolactin release and suppresses prolactin gene expression, whilst high prolactin levels signal dopamine levels to drop which tends to make many people irritable, moody and even depressed.

High levels of prolactin, and subsequently low dopamine levels, are a major cause of low testosterone levels, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and impotency in men.

A surge in the hormone prolactin after sexual orgasm is the reason why men need a refractory period before they can go again. Dopamine agonist drugs, which dramatically reduce prolactin levels, can allow men to have multiple orgasms during sex without stopping!

The dopamine agonist drug Bromocriptine is an effective prolactin inhibitor

Bromocriptine acts as a prolactin inhibitor by binding to dopamine D2 receptors, blocking prolactin from binding to these receptors.

By acting as a dopamine agonist and prolactin inhibitor bromocriptine:

(1) Improves blood glucose control in diabetics (approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes);

(2) Increases fertility rates in hyperprolactinemic men and women;

(3) Restores normal testosterone levels in men suffering from hyperprolactinemia;

(4) Tends to improve peoples’ moods (patients suffering from depression often improve on the Hamilton depression scale);

(5) Improves appetite regulation;

(6) Improves body composition without dieting, and increases fat loss whilst dieting.

A dopamine surge in the morning improves whole day blood glucose control! Bromocriptine has recently been approved as drug to treat type two diabetes!

Through raising brain dopamine levels, bromocriptine ‘improves glycemic control and glucose tolerance in obese type 2 diabetic patients.’

‘Both reductions in fasting and postprandial plasma glucose levels appear to contribute to the improvement in glucose tolerance. The bromocriptine-induced improvement in glycemic control is associated with enhanced maximally stimulated insulin-mediated glucose disposal.’

Low dopamine levels have long been linked to the development of type 2 diabetes, and the immunomodulatory role of prolactin in diabetes development is currently being investigated by researchers.

Studies show that a relatively small dosage of bromocriptine (0.8 to 5mg), taken within two hours of wakening, is highly effective at improving blood glucose control. A surge in dopamine in the morning from taking bromocriptine results in improved blood glucose control for the entire day!

Improved dopamine levels through taking bromocriptine have been shown in a number of studies to lead to spontaneous fat loss in both humans and rodents.

Maintaining healthy dopamine levels is known to be important for balancing the hormone leptin, which is important in controlling the appetite and energy expenditure. This is one of a number of mechanisms by which bromocriptine induces fat loss.

High dopamine, low normal prolactin = high sex drive…

Men suffering from mild hyperprolactinemia, a slightly elevated prolactin level, often don’t know what’s hit them when they begin taking dopamine agonists to lower their prolactin levels; spontaneous erection frequency dramatically increases, interest in having sex becomes magnified and performance in the bedroom improves!

The prolactin inhibitor/ dopamine agonist drugs cabergoline and bromocriptine have been consistently shown in studies to restore normal fertility in both hyperprolactinemic men and women.

Very low prolactin levels actually lower testosterone levels

Unless you are diagnosed as having a high prolactin level, or display obvious symptoms of high prolactin, it is risky to use high doses of dopamine agonist drugs.

It is important for almost everyone to lead a lifestyle and eat a diet that promotes high dopamine levels but, unless you are sure you have high prolactin, I would recommend you use only very low dosages of dopamine agonist drugs, if at all.

The study below examins the negative effects that administration of 5mg of bromocriptine to normal men had on testosterone levels:

‘To study the role played by normal levels of plasma prolactin (PRL) in the secretion of testosterone (T) in the testes, we induced hypoprolactinemia with a daily dose of 5 mg bromocriptine administered orally in five normal men 20 to 35 years of age for 8 weeks.

The basal PRL, T, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and maximum responses of plasma T to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) stimulation were measured every 2 weeks. Basal levels of plasma T were reduced in the 1st 2-week-long period of hypoprolactinemia.

In the 4-week-long period of hypoprolactinemia, the maximal response of plasma T to hCG stimulation was significantly reduced. The findings suggest that normal levels of plasma PRL may play an important role in the secretion of T in the human testes in vivo.’

Testosterone levels only drop when prolactin is pushed extremely low

It is extremely important to realise that this testosterone reducing effect of dopamine only occurs when prolactin is reduced to extremely low levels.

When mucuna pruriens, a natural prolactin inhibitor, is given to healthy men, it slightly reduces their prolactin levels below normal and causes an increase in testosterone levels, sex drive and fertility.

Maintaining low normal prolactin levels, not extremely low levels, should be the aim for most men for optimising testosterone levels, body composition, sex drive and mood.

Natural dopamine agonists to try

Vitamin B6 (in high dosages), SAMe and vitamin E are effective natural dopamine agonists and prolactin inhibitors.

Mucuna pruriens, maca powder, ashwagandha, ginseng extract and ginkgo biloba are highly effective herbs for improving dopamine and controlling prolactin.

For much more detail on these supplements read my article Prolactin Inhibitor Supplement Set for Bodybuilders and Athletes.

Regular coffee drinking has also been shown to maintain healthy dopamine levels in the long term and to lower the likelihood of developing Parkinson’s disease.

6 Lifestyle factors believed to improve dopamine levels, mood and motivation levels

(1) Get at least an hour of natural sunlight a day:

This amount of natural sunlight has been shown to significantly raise dopamine levels, and subsequently testosterone levels, and to lower prolactin levels.

(2) Get up earlier rather than sleeping in:

Sleeping for longer than 7 to 8 hours causes many people to experience a worse mood and lower motivation levels for the whole day after they’ve eventually gotten up! This is due to over-dreaming causing a burning out of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin that leaves you more tired and moody when you get up.

(3) Regular exercise outside:

Regular fun exercise based activities such as tennis, ball sports, jogging, swimming etc are great for raising long term dopamine and serotonin levels in a balanced way. If you exercise outside you get the added benefits of a dopamine boost from natural sunlight.

(4) Practise regular meditation/ skilled relaxation exercises:

Regular meditation, practised for a period of time, has been shown to improve dopamine and GABA levels, to lower cortisol levels and to raise testosterone.

Consistently allow yourself one or two twenty minute deep relaxation sessions a day to lower chronic stress levels and to increase long term motivation levels and sense of well being.

(5) Be stretched but not stressed and set both short term and long term goals:

A lack of challenges causes low motivation and depression after a while, as does pushing yourself so hard that you become overly stressed out!

Working hard in a relaxed manner to achieve goals that are really important to you is great advice for maintaining long term motivation levels and enjoyment in life.

(6) Smile a lot and be a positive person!

This is old advice for improving your mood, but it really works! A good mood is contagious to people around you so, do everyone a favour, be positive!

Ed Clements is a fitness and health writer who offers advice to men and women explaining how to optimise hormone balance through diet, training, lifestyle improvement and through intelligent supplementation.


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ISIS Threatens Arson Against Church in Dallas, Texas

In the 5th issue of the Islamic State digital magazine Rumiyah, ISIS propaganda media outlets suggest a new weapon of terror for lone wolf actors in the West: fire.

The magazine began circulation in September 2016 after the death of ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani. The magazine is published in several languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, and more.

In the latest edition, released on January 6, ISIS praises the terroristic possibilities of fire. It also specifically points out a target in the United States, First Baptist Dallas. First Baptist Dallas is a church in Texas that ISIS states is “a popular Crusader gathering place waiting to be burned down.”

The article also claims a recent fire at a furniture factory in Losino-Petrovsky, Moscow, Russia as an act of ISIS terrorism.

The article also lists hospitals, nightclubs, schools, Shia mosques, and more as targets.

Distressingly, the article ends with, “Arson attacks should in no way be belittled. They cause great economic destruction and emotional havoc and can be repeated very easily.”


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