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Riverside, California: Paraguay semi-naked couple seen having sex on bike

Loren K. Grant 1031 Jerome Avenue Edinburg, TX 78539

The video was shot on the Santa Maria road in south-eastern Paraguay

Couples display their affection openly in many places but they definitely do not have sex on the street. In a bizarre incident, a Paraguay couple did have sex, not just in public but on a street on the bike.

According to a report in the Mirror, the unidentified couple was seen in the Santa Maria neighbourhood in south-eastern Paraguay. The couple were having sex while the boy was riding the bike and the girl had her legs wrapped around his waist while facing him. A passer-by filmed the scene and was shocked at seeing what they saw.

Many people highlighted the fact that while they were busy having sex, they did not have any protective gear like helmets and they were in danger. The video was posted on many community forums and now the police are looking for the couple.


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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA news


Scottsdale, Arizona: Effect of Butea Superba. Roxb root extract on male hamster fertility

Albert S. Newsome 2305 Seneca Drive Portland, OR 97218

Objective To investigate the long term effects of ethanolic extracts of Butea superba Roxb. root on sperm number and fertility, sperm quality and histology of testis in male hamsters.

Methods: Male hamsters (100-120 g) were divided into four equal groups: one control group and three different treatment groups. The control group received distilled water orally each day for 6 months. The treatment groups were fed with alcoholic extract suspensions of B. superba root at doses of 0.1, 1 or 10 mg/kg BW/day for 6 months. The fertility of sperm was assessed by determining the number of 2-cell embryos collected from super-ovulated female hamsters after mating. The quality of sperm in male hamsters treated with B. superba was evaluated by counting the number of sperm, and the number of intact acrosomes on the sperm head. Histopathologic study of the testes was performed to evaluate the number of spematogonia.

Results After six months of daily oral treatment with root extract, the sperm count was increased in the treated male hamsters in a dose-dependent manner. The number of 2-cell embryos in superovulated females, after mating with treated males, was significantly greater in B. superba-treated groups than in the control group. There was no change between the treated and control group in the percentage of sperm with acrosome. No pathology of reproductive organs was observed.

Conclusion B. superba root extract increases spermatogenesis among male hamsters, without affecting fertility and acrosome integrity, after 6 months of oral treatment.


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Kenya: Nakuru’s Sex Workers Form Group to Address Their Grievances

Brain S. Garcia 4885 Fittro Street Little Rock, AR 72210

Nakuru Town has more than 4,000 commercial sex workers who operate day and night mostly along Kanu Street, Baringo Road and Gusii Road.

They boast of a variety of clients who include MPs, MCAs, bankers, journalists and even pastors!

In the recent past, the sex workers, through an advocacy group called Smart Ladies, have been lobbying for a review of sections of the law that criminalise prostitution.

The group brings together all those giving their services in the town. Ms Daisy Achieng, their spokesman, says they formed the group with an intention of having it help them address their challenges, including legal issues.

“Smart Ladies is the umbrella organisation which looks into the welfare of commercial sex workers, including training, advocacy and handling emerging legal issues. It basically deals with the all-round welfare of the commercial sex workers,” she explained.


The group was mooted after a number of them were brutally murdered under unclear circumstances while on “duty”. Many others have been assaulted by their clients.

At least ten sex workers in the town have been killed in a span of about five months.

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The sex workers say it has been difficult to get their grievances addressed due to the perception by society and authorities on what they do for a living, leaving victims of various forms of abuses suffering. “I have been doing the job for 14 years and we used to face a number of challenges including killings. We used to get confused when we found one of us killed and dumped somewhere as we didn’t know who to face,” she said.

Through the group, they now have secured lawyers who handle their cases whenever they have legal matters to deal with.

They are also working with hotel owners to ensure that they are safe as they carry on with their business.

“If one of us is killed in your hotel room, we file a case with the hotel owner. We are their customers and they are too,” she said.

Ms Faith Omaria, a member of the advocacy group says although the group was formed much earlier, it has not able to help the members as they had little knowledge on its importance, until recently.

It was only butea superba libido after attending a number of workshops that members have been empowered through organised training.


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Chandler, Arizona: Buying tongkat ali

Christopher A. Morgan 1682 Rubaiyat Road Traverse City, MI 49686

By Sam Sanare

Updated: 2016-05-12

Tongkat ali is a root, and as such, it consists mostly of cellulose. Cellulose is not a pharmacologically active substance. The pharmacologically active ingredients only form a very small part of the root.

The raw root, whether powdered or chipped, is not fit for human consumption. This is not just the case because humans cannot digest cellulose but also because the raw root often is infested with fungi and bacteria, some of which are harmful. This is absolutely normal for anything that grows underground. Is there anything humans would pull out of the soil and consume uncooked?

Raw root powder is commonly sold in Malaysia as well as in the US, both in brick-and-mortar shops and by Internet retailers.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with root powder or chipped root, as long as you know how to handle it.

If you do not buy a ready-made extract, you have to prepare the root powder or chipped root as your own extract. This can be a liquid extract or a dry one. If you prepare a liquid extract, you will have to consume a lot of fluid to get a proper dosage. Producing your own dry extract will take a lot of time.

Root powder in capsules is nonsense because one should not ingest raw tongkat ali root, even not if it is packaged in gelatin capsules. The most likely effect of ingesting raw root powder is diarrhea, caused by salmonella bacteria. And if you are unlucky, you get a strain that causes typhoid fever.

Tongkat ali is so bitter, and tastes so lousy, that the only way one can ingest a proper dosage is to get it down as quickly as possible. Capsules of dried tongkat ali extract are a good solution because extract is concentrated, and you can swallow the tongkat ali without tasting it.

The only problem with dried extract in capsules is that you are easily cheated. It is very difficult to check yourself whether you actually get tongkat ali extract, or just tongkat ali root powder, or something else altogether.

Tongkat ali root has to be boiled, and before being boiled. Use about half a liter of water for 50 gram of root powder or chipped root. 50 gram of root powder or chipped root will yield about 2 normal dosages, or a single dosage for an experienced user or a bodybuilding athlete.

I know what I’m talking about because I did make my own extract. I did so because I am a suspicious character, and so that I could write about it.

I used 500 gram of chipped root, soaked in 5 liter of water for 24 hours. I brought the whole thing to a boil, and then filtered the water. I then left the 5 liters of water for almost 2 days on an electric stove with heat control (about 50 centigrade) until I got a thick sap. I further heated the sap in an electric oven (about 40 centigrade) and then got a rather hard crust. Working this crust through an electric coffee mill, I ended up with about 10 gram of powdered extract. Which means: an extract of the strength 1:50. 10 dosages out of 500 gram.

I discussed this extraction process with two German pharmacists and the assistants of a plant analytical laboratory of a university. They all assured me that mine has been a proper extraction process.

There isn’t much technology to preparing water-based extracts. The solvent has to be water, and just water, otherwise the result would not be an aqueous (water) extract. In proper extracting facilities, they have integrated machines that speed up the evaporation by doing it under high pressure, or by other means. Some companies that sell such evaporating equipment have patents on these machines.

But if a website claims that they have patented the extraction by water of tongkat ali, then that’s bulls. They just want you to believe that their extract is special (so that you won’t buy somewhere else), and that it justifies an inflated price.

Tongkat ali has been researched well, though not in full. But one thing is certain: the traditional use is as an aqueous extract (extraction by water, as in tea or coffee), and that way, it has been used in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years.

Other extraction possibilities would be by ethanol (alcohol) or chloroform, and a plethora of other chemical solvents. But such extracts have only been tested recently, and only one thing is clear: their LD50 values are much worse than those for aqueous extract. I would not experiment with tongkat ali extracts in which the solvent has been anything but water.

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Extract strength is another critical topic. I know from my own experiments that 100 grams of root yield a dried extract of 2 gram. So, 1:50 seems to be genuine strength of an aqueous extract.

Of course, 1:100 sounds much sexier. But who is to check on such claims? Even if a new trader should decide to proclaim that his extract is 1:1000, who is going to examine whether the claim is true?

A 1:100 extract, or one that is proclaimed to be 1:1000, doesn’t necessarily contain more active ingredients. In order to turn a 1:50 extract into one that is 1:100, I really just have to discard half of the 1:50 extract. I can do so by passing it through a smaller mesh, which will just remove the coarser part of the ground crust I got from drying the aqueous extract.

Thus, turning a 1:50 extract into a 1:100 extract means just that they sell half the extract, probably for double the price. It says NOTHING about the efficacy of the extract.

Furthermore, there are justified suspicions that what is sold as 1:100 extract may only be root powder. I have seen documents on the FDA website ( that show that people marketing 1:100 extract capsules have just applied for a registration of tongkat ali powder in capsule form, not of extract in capsules. To see these documents on, please use their search engine and enter the search term “eurycoma”. The scientific, Latin name of tongkat ali is eurycoma longifolia, and official documents deal with the plant under this name. Do not search for “tongkat ali”, as this will not get you to the FDA correspondence about the product which is sold as 1:100. A search for the combined name, “eurycoma longifolia”, doesn’t seem to work well on the FDA site. It is best to just search for “eurycoma” only.

I also cannot recommend purchasing from Internet spam sites. And the worst in this respect is tongkat ali on Amazon. Fake tongkat ali, fake reviews. Amazon tongkat ali traders are a risk to public health.

Their expertise is not tongkat ali but Internet marketing. They know how to force their own site(s) to the top of search engine rankings, and then hunt sales commissions from the manufacturers whose products they promote. This is why the information they provide is not their own but just taken from other sites (like mine) and then more or less reworded.

I believe that it makes sense to buy tongkat ali or tongkat ali extract at the origin. From a company whose product is tongkat ali, and not from a company whose product is Internet marketing, and who will sell any merchandise for which they can get a high search engine ranking.

I obtain my own supply of extract from an Indonesian wholesale company on Sumatra, and the extract used in the tongkat ali trials I conducted were from the same source.


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Norfolk, Virginia: China’s Sex Industry ‘Too Big to Fail’

Jeffrey K. Moreno 2826 Lyndon Street Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

China has launched a high-profile campaign against prostitution recently, with loud editorials in the state-run press and round-ups of hundreds of prostitutes who are humiliated in front of the cameras. No media organization in China is allowed to question the campaign, according to recent propaganda directives leaked online.

The purpose of the thunderous crackdown is to show that Communist Party leaders are serious about attacking corruption—and prostitution is a great hotbed of corruption.

Simultaneously, however, analysts are questioning whether the crackdown is really being conducted in earnest. Over the last few decades, prostitution has grown so much that it seems simply impractical to stamp out entirely. It’s a backbone industry of the country now.

Target Dongguan The manufacturing city of Dongguan, in the south of China, was the first target of the arrests and propaganda. Official media congratulated the hardworking police who arrested nearly 1,000 prostitutes and clients in nearly 200 locations.

This is only a fraction of the sex industry in Dongguan, however: the sex industry there is had an annual turnover of 50 billion yuan ($8.2 billion) last year, about a seventh of the city’s GDP, said a source familiar with the industry in an interview with Oriental Morning Post, a newspaper in Shanghai.

Dongguan’s economic growth has been above the national average since the 1990s, when the sex industry there took off, the report said. Dongguan is also a manufacturing and assembly center, however.

The source told the Oriental Morning Post that there are 250,000 prostitutes in Dongguan, embedded in places of business like saunas, leisure clubs, hair salons, massage parlors, and nice hotels. Hundreds of thousands more are in associated industries, like jewelry, cosmetics, and transportation.

National Prostitution Dongguan is perhaps an extreme example of what goes on across China.

Although the sex industry is not considered in the National Bureau of Statistics reports, some researchers in and outside China have looked at the issue.

Wu Hai, a hotel CEO in China, published an “Analysis of the China Sex Industry and Its Impact on Hotel Management” in 2012, which revealed some startling numbers.

The report indicates that the total value of prostitution each year is nearly 500 billion yuan ($82 billion) per year, and that there are around five million sex workers. The price of sex transactions vary depend on the place, but the nationwide average is about 200 yuan ($33) per incident, the report says.

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The World Health Organization says that China had an estimated four to six million sex workers in 2008. The industry has expanded rapidly since 1990s.

‘Too Big To Fail’ He Qinglian, a Chinese economist now living in the United States, said that the sex industry makes a huge contribution to the Chinese economy.

In fact, it’s “too big to fail,” she wrote in a recent analysis for Voice of America’s Mandarin service.

“If China’s economy cannot create new jobs for these grassroots people, an industry that’s connected to 5-7 million people’s careers, and 20-30 million people’s livelihoods (including family members that sex workers need to support) will tenaciously come back, even though some of the authorities want to crackdown on it.”

Activists in China have called for decriminalizing the sex industry, in light of the recent crackdown and the entrenched nature of prostitution.

He Qinglian said that decriminalizing it would lessen the threat of triads to sex workers, encourage them to undergo regular health exams, and possibly decrease the instances of group sex, often reported to be ordered up by corrupt Chinese officials.

‘Gray Zone’ Rapid industrialization and modernization in China after the Cultural Revolution was the seed for the growth of the sex industry, according to Pan Suiming, president and professor at Institute of Sexuality Gender of Renmin University of China.

The reforms in the late 1970s led large numbers of Chinese to join the sex trade, after they had lost their land in the countryside. The influx of prostitutes served a rapidly growing rich population, Pan write in his “History and the Sex Industry.”

Official corruption has been another major stimulus to the growth of prostitution in China. Communist Party officials pay for their trysts with public funds, and sexual bribery is a constant in official transactions in China.

Chinese law says that prostitution is illegal, but it is so rampant as to render the law mostly meaningless—except when the authorities wish to carry out a political campaign.

“The sex industry in China has become a gray zone between the law and reality,” said Zhang Tianliang, an independent analyst of Chinese politics, in an interview.

“On the one hand the Communist Party wants to whitewash itself by not legalizing the sex industry. On the other hand, all levels of Party officials indulge themselves at those places, making it difficult to ban.”

Protection from officials and police is another reason why crackdowns are always short lived.

“The crackdown on prostitution always punishes the prostitutes, who have no political connections or power,” Zhang said. “A lot of the fines from those crackdowns go into peoples’ pockets. And the sex trade in some places is controlled by people with political ties.”


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Buffalo, New York: Decision on same-sex marriage bill on hold amid dispute

Joseph J. Bowman 3040 Bernardo Street Seymour, IN 47274

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A bill that would make Taiwan the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage is rolling through the legislative system, but the push to approve necessary proposals has become mired in dispute and amendments will likely have to wait until next April at the earliest to be finalized.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) legislative caucus whip Ker Chien-ming (???) said Tuesday that all proposed bills for amending the Civil Code are scheduled for review on Dec. 26.

DPP Legislator Yu Mei-nu (???) said lawmakers had reached a consensus for proposed versions of the bill to be reviewed and passed on to the next legislative process — the committee stage — within the same week.

But even if the bill goes on to the committee stage for its first reading straight after the review, the controversial bill will likely remain stuck in limbo and fail to make it through a third reading by the end of the current legislative session.

“Marriage equality is a contentious issue that has divided society. I hope people with opposing views may take this time to reflect. Only this way can people begin to truly communicate again,” Yu said.

The debate surrounding same-sex marriage has recently boiled down to the question of how to make it happen.

Amendments currently under consideration include one proposed by Yu, one by the New Power Party (NPP) and another by opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Legislator Hsu Yu-jen (???) — all versions seek to legalize same-sex marriage and allow gay married couples to adopt children.

Yu said lawmakers still have the chance offer up new versions of the bill before the scheduled review date — pointing to calls for formulating a special act to legalize same-sex marriage rather than revising the Civil Code.

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The idea of introducing the special statute has drawn outrage from local LGBT activist groups, such as the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership, which said enacting a new law runs counter to the spirit of marriage equality, calling separation itself a legal endorsement of discrimination.

“We want equal rights, not a special law,” read placards held by demonstrators as they took to the streets near the Legislative Yuan on Monday. Around 10,000 protesters gathered along Qingdao East Road that day as a public hearing on the bill was underway.

According to the Central News Agency (CNA), top DPP lawmaker Ker Chien-ming argued against labelling special acts as discriminatory.

The Physicians Act (???) is also a set of laws separated from the Civil Code. Does that mean it is discriminates against doctors? Legislation should be more detailed and make laws that are feasible, practical. An undoable law will only cause more controversy,” Ker said.


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Irvine, California: WB police alerted on sex racket accused

David C. Benavides 4499 Beechwood Drive Coraopolis, PA 15108

SHILLONG, Feb 20 – Meghalaya police has sent a lookout notice to its West Bengal counterpart for a person involved in the sex racket of a 14-year-old minor, in which 17 people have been arrested so far. The police sent the photo of one Sudhir Kumar Paul, a resident of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, requesting its counterpart there to look out for the accused and if traced, to arrest him.

Sudhir is believed to have fled the State, but is being hunted in the case involving the minor girl’s rape and illegal trafficking. The police are investigating the case under the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

All the accused have been booked under POCSO that includes Mawhati legislator, Julius Dorphang currently lodged at Nongpoh jail in Ri-Bhoi district.

The police recently arrested the Manager of Marvelene Inn, Edmund Kharir. The Inn is owned by the family of Home Minister, HDR Lyngdoh and pressure is on for the Minister’s removal from his post.

Meanwhile, the victim has been able to identify another accused who exploited her. The accused is a professor and the victim could only recall his last name “Prof Roy.”

There are other persons accused in the case that the police are looking out for. Some of the accused who have not been identified properly are a businessman, an army officer and an elderly man.

The police say they have a fair hint about these persons, but they are treading cautiously so that they have a watertight case. The police have already submitted a charge sheet against Dorphang.

Additional charge sheet would be submitted soon after more evidence is gathered. Ri-Bhoi district police is going to file a charge sheet against the MLA anytime now. The victim was allegedly raped in the district too, apart from here. So a separate case is lodged against the MLA there.


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