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Atascadero, California: Gemma Collins boasts about designer vagina - 'I'm like a virgin again'

Jason N. Needham 845 Diane Street Atascadero, CA 93422

The TOWIE star first had the £2,000 procedure back in March 2015 – and she isn't regretting it.

Gemma, 36, said her privates now "look like something you'd see in a movie".

Umm, what films have you been watching Gem?

The blonde is just one of the celebrities who've recently admitted to having the laser treatment, which tightens down below.

Others include DanNiella Westbrook and Real Housewives of Cheshire star Tanya Bardsley.

Talking about her experience, Gem said the treatment has helped her "rebrand herself" and that she feels like a "virgin again".

She said: "I actually pride myself – I’m mega confident, because I know I’ve got a designer vagina.

“It looks like something you’d see in a movie.”

The ITVBe star continued telling Closer magazine: “Designer vaginas are all the rage in Essex and it’s an important part of my rebranding. I’ve become a virgin again."

Gemma now keeps up her appearance of her vagina with "facials" on her privates. This includes scrubbing, steaming and exfoliation.

She apparently hopes her treatments will help her bag a new man.

Well who doesn't love a designer vagina?


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Springfield, Missouri: Interview with James DeMeo about Orgone technology

Shane S. Grant 3535 Twin House Lane Springfield, MO 65804

In our interview, we explored the work of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his findings on the orgone energy, or life-energy, which have been subjected to careful scientific scrutiny and evaluation, being verified and confirmed in their major aspects, even while his malicious critics continue to ignore or distort this record of accomplishment and discovery. We also discussed three areas pertaining to orgone energy: as a health modality, as an energy source, and as a method of drought abatement. We also discuss an upcoming conference on orgone energy, which you are welcome to attend at his lab in Oregon.

Dr. Reich started out as a psychoanalysis specialist. It was in his research on Freud's "libido", that he discovered ways to document this as a concrete energy in the body. In the process of documenting this, he came up with the "Orgone Accumulator" chambers in which his patients would report improvement in various ailments and a general increase in energy. He noted that these accumulators were impaired during cloud cover, in proportion to the extent of the cloud cover, which led to his work in the "cloudbuster" research.

Weather Work

That's where DeMeo's carreer began. His Master's thesis in 1979 at the University of Kansas confirmed Reich's weather work. He said the apparatus consisted of a system of long tubes that he aimed at certain compass points, stimulating a flow of energy into the area, apparently via the jet stream, increasing rainfall.

You would think that work like this would receive international prime-time coverage and be elevated to the level of "monumental". However, so far this has not been the case. Reich, who had immigrated to the US from Germany in 1939 to escape the rise of Hitler, was shut down and imprisoned by the FDA, and his books were burned in an incinerator. He died in prison. DeMeo's reception wasn't much warmer. He said the powers-that-be in Washington, via the National Academy of Sciences, contacted the University of Kansas and warned them to the effect, "Either you stop supporting DeMeo, or we'll pull all our funding to your school."

After serving as a professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Illinois State University and at the University of Miami, DeMeo eventually (1980s) founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab in Oregon in order to raise funds to advance the orgone research. Ironically, he's had more invitations to speak at universities since he left his university posts.

He said he was invited by the Israeli government to come and use his Reich technology to try and help alleviate a three-year drought they were having. They then had record-breaking rains, but meteorologists ascribed it to the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, which DeMeo said did not coincide with the break of the drought nearly as closely as his work did.

He was then invited by a private group to Eritrea, where they were having a 30-year drought. While he was there, the rainfall doubled each year for five years. That project was cut short due to national violence with Ethiopia that erupted. A few years prior, he went to Namibia, and "ended a 3-year drought with very good rains."

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Other Orgone Applications

DeMeo also said that he has repeated the work Reich had done in photographing a visible life-force glow from certain organisms such as red blood cells and some microorganisms, especially those associated with hot springs, which people have found to have healing powers. It used to be that spas and healing centers were located near these natural hot springs until the 1940's when the FDA (USA) ordered such to be shut down, saying such claims were untenable (because they are natural, and not supported by lobbyists?).

I asked him to comment on the various non-visible sources of everywhere-present, universal energy, such as "Zero Point Energy," "Aether", "Orgone", and the more conventional "Dark Energy", and how these relate to one another, if they do. He said it was probably like the story of the blind men and the elephant -- different disciplines describing what they observe in their particular field, and thus defining the energy as being one way; each discipline giving what appears to be a very different description; when in reality they may all turn out to be different facets of the same natural force.

DeMeo said that at one point, Reich had devised a mechanism whereby he was able to harness the orgone from an accumulator and use it to turn a small motor. A lot of people have tried to replicate that effect, but apparently some important details have been lost, so no one has been able to do so yet.

I asked him if he thinks it is likely that if someone figures out how to harness the power of lightning, that it will be because they have training in the field of orgonomy. The primary problem there are 1) drawing the lightning to the receptacle and 2) containing and storing the intense discharge. He replied that the phenomenon of lightning is a function of a high electrostatic differential between the ground and the sky, which always exists to varying extents -- on the order of several hundreds of thousands of volts -- and referred to some researchers who have been able to tap that ever-present electrostatic potential to produce electricity for use. It's not yet a matured field, but is certainly interesting.

A Look at the Field

Reich's materials were locked away for 50 years, per Reich's request, and it was only last year that they were opened.

DeMeo said that by far the greatest interest in pursuing Reich's research has been by medical doctors wanting to apply the orgone therapy (accumulators) in their clinics, observing the success of other practitioners.

DeMeo publishes an orgone journal, Pulse of the Planet, five issues thus far, including experimental papers and theoretical work. He's also holding an international conference on New Research in Orgonomy at his lab in Oregon on Aug. 1-2. Subjects will include such things as the orgone accumulator in the treatment of diseases, the physics of the orgone accumulator, cloudbusting methods, and the effects of orgone energy in chemical systems. You'll see from the photos from previous years that the setting is informal and intimate.


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Minneapolis, Minnesota: ISIS Takes Page Out of the CIA’s Interrogation Manual, Validates Anti-Torture Activists’ Concerns

Richard A. Williams 482 Rocket Drive Minneapolis, MN 55417

In the years since the September 11th terrorist attack and the start of the “war on terror,” the United States has become a country that openly admits to using “harsh” or “enhanced interrogation” methods on prisoners. Those who support these interrogation methods argue that they were necessary to gather information on terrorist groups (despite the complete lack of evidence supporting such a claim), while those who condemn the use of such interrogation methods have pointed out that they are illegal and set a bad precedent that could entice foreign groups to use “enhanced interrogation” on our troops.

Unfortunately, it appears that this bad precedent has finally emerged as a tangible threat to the American public; the Islamic State terrorist group (also known as ISIS and ISIL) which is currently rampaging across Iraq has begun using CIA-style “enhanced interrogation” on kidnapped westerners.

Defining Enhance Interrogation

“Enhanced interrogation” methods confirmed to have been used by the government include solitary confinement, waterboarding, superficial beatings (ex. slapping prisoners), exposure to extreme temperatures, prolonged stress positions, and blasting extremely loud music.

Not to mince words, these “enhanced interrogation” methods are torture—the term “enhanced interrogation” is simply a euphemism created by the Bush Administration to repackage the torture methods copied from a soviet-Chinese interrogation manual. In the past, we have condemned other nations for using solitary confinement and beatings on our prisoners of war, and have even executed several Japanese officers for the war crime of waterboarding American soldiers during WWII.

Repackaging torture under a different name may make it more palatable for an ill-informed American public, but it does nothing to preserve the US’s moral high ground. If we torture and commit war crimes, we lose the ability to credibly complain when other nations commit similar violations.

ISIS Using CIA Interrogation Methods

According to several European hostages who were ransomed from the Islamic State terrorists, their captors tortured them with beatings and waterboarding. In addition to their personal accounts, these hostages have described watching other prisoners get tortured via waterboarding, including American journalist James Foley, who was recently beheaded by the terrorist group. These accounts of waterboarding being used on Americans are the first such accounts in the years since the United States has begun using the torture method.

Ultimately, ISIS has demonstrated that it is an unspeakably vicious terrorist group that would almost certainly have water boarded its hostages, even if the US had not become infamous for the practice. They have buried women and children alive, burned captured adversaries at the stake, and even publically crucified allies who were seen as too moderate—to them, waterboarding is tame and there is no reason to believe that the US’s conduct had any effect on their decisions.

That said, the fact that we have publically claimed that waterboarding is not torture invalidates our ability to complain when ISIS decides to use it on our citizens. Any American to be captured by ISIS can expect to be waterboarded, only for ISIS to declare their torture to be “enhanced interrogation” no different from what the United States has subjected dozens of innocent Muslims to.

Put simply, if waterboarding is torture when ISIS does it to Americans, then it is torture when we do it to suspected terrorists—accordingly, if waterboarding, is just legal “enhanced interrogation” when we do it, ISIS has every right to avail itself of the tactic when extracting information from Americans.

The waterboarding of Americans by ISIS and the inability of our government to credibly respond with outrage is confirmation of the anti-torture argument that our use of torture entices others to torture our citizens. When Bush decided to start torturing (or, more likely, Cheney decided to use torture and Bush was simply dragged along for the ride) and Obama decided to let his predecessor’s acts go unpunished, they caused immense damage to our nation’s credibility to speak out against abuses on our citizens. We have dirtied our reputation and, unless we are willing to call out to torturers in our own ranks, we will have no right to demand that those who torture our countrymen be punished.


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