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Beaumont, Texas: Animals more disciplined than human beings in sex life

Kenneth M. Figueiredo 3550 Lynn Ogden Lane Beaumont, TX 77708

Courtship before marriages, divorce after marriage and fight between the lovers to woo the beloved are the law of nature. In the animal world, it is the prerogative on the part of the female animal and male animal to choose their life partner.

This process goes on within mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and rodents, etc. Sometimes the defeated partners are wounded severally and meet death after fighting. The bullfighting is not unknown to anyone. The bovine bulls become most dangerous as far as a bride is concerned.

Among mammals, the sex lives are very peculiar, which vary from one species to other. The most powerful animal in the animal world is cat. Among the cats, the lion is in the top, which lives with pride. Except man, the sex lives of other animals are seasonal and for short period, but the man, who is the super animal in animal kingdom, has sex life throughout the year up to certain age. So sex rules of nature are always violated by him. Hence, the study of sexology is most important for man to become sex- disciplined. Man should learn sex disciplines from the animal world.

It is but natural that the strongest always rules, which cannot be ignored. It is always the youngs who lead the animal world. This principle of nature rule is always followed by the strongest carnivore. This is followed because the nature wants that the strongest one should survive and continue the race. Similarly, the female lion always desires that the strongest lion should be the father of her children and she accepts the strongest male as her husband. This is not new for human beings. Every female or male wants to have a suitable partner for her or his sex life and for the family life as well.

Of course, prostitutes are needed. Give male scum and dregs a chance to fuck, so they will keep away from the good girls which are for us, the elite.

If the conjugal life of a man or woman does not run well, the life of both becomes hell. No law of the land can bring remedial measure for both.

A sex- free life is always dangerous for human society. So the boys and girls should be carefully taught to maintain dignity of lives as perfect and law-abiding civilians. The young girls and young boys being addicted to different kinds of drugs and drinks do irreparable loss to themselves and to their families, including the society. A perfect psychological treatment should be given to them.

The writer came across certain respectable families, whose children become addicted to drugs and become ruined. If the society is spoiled, no law of the land can bring reformations. So welfare training should be imparted to the youngsters in every educational institution to bring about the desired reforms.

If we consider the case of Royal tiger, its conjugal life is short-lived. The male remains with the maiden till she conceives and becomes pregnant and the female departs the lover for protection of its babies and become secluded. There is always fight among with male tigers to achieve the maiden as prize for honeymooning. The female has right to choose the befitting groom as her sex partner. Sometimes there is violent fight between male tigers to achieve the tigress and the tigress always chooses the winner of the fight. But neither the winner tiger nor the tigress becomes responsible for assault of the weaker one like in domain of men. The sex life of different cat species varies from one another. Leopard’s sex- life is similar to the Royal Bengal Tiger’s. The male becomes afraid of the female, when she is with cubs or kittens. Hence, the sex lives of different animal species vary from species to species, yet the nature’s rules prevail.

The female always chooses the male partner to cohabit with each other till the copulation period is completed, but no fighting among the adult male members is seen within the period of copulation. All the progenies of pack become the common properties of the pack. All the members of a particular pack give combined protections to the babies till they are quite established and become fit and join with the pack for hunting of the prey.

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Species like Hyena also maintain the pack life. Sex discipline also differs from carnivores to herbivores and herbivores to omnivores and insectivores. The sex appetite is very acute in case of carnivores; but in the case of omnivores, such appetite is comparatively lesser than the carnivores. The human being is an omnivore. So certain sex- rules are followed to maintain discipline in society and avoid untoward incidents and situations. Food has greatest bearings on sex appetite. There are certain foods and drinks, which promote sex appetite unusually. The age factor is there also. Human beings have power to decide as to which is wrong and which is right.

The crime mongers are getting unusual support from society, which is not uncommon. So such crimes are increasing in the society. The sex discipline must be observed in society to maintain social harmony; otherwise there would be civil war only for sex conflicts and fights.

The carnivore animals are more disciplined in sex play and sex habits. The heaviest animals among the herbivores are elephants, rhinoceros, wild buffalos and hippopotamus. In our country, elephants, rhinoceros, and wild buffalos are available. These animals are disciplined in sex habits. The female always decides which male is to be chosen and which one is to be rejected. One cannot venture to go against her will unless she is pacified and owned by the courtships. In an elephant herd, there are several males and females and there is one leader only.

The strongest one always owns the maiden, but there is no rigorous fight for this. As the copulation period of all the animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, amphibians and rodents stands only for a few days, they never fight over sex matter. Hence, there is no sex-related crime in the animal world. Revengefulness does not persist in pack or herd or flock. Most of the herbivorous animals are social animals. There is no sign of intolerance in the animal world.

The bulls of wild buffaloes, elephants and horses become more virulent during sex. But the man is the only animal in the animal world, who breaks all kinds of sex- discipline in the society. So society as well as the youngsters should be properly educated in this line to prevent further damage to the society as the sex intolerance is spreading like epidemics in our societies.

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