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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Choosing a woman with a small vagina

Matthew P. Weaver 2642 Simpson Avenue Harrisburg, PA 17111

I have considerable sexual experience, and because of the great importance a small vaginal canal has for the male sexual satisfaction in conventional intercourse, I have developed a fairly good judgment in what kind of women, or girls, are likely to have a genital anatomy that suits my requirements.

Of course, women who have given birth are likely to have larger vaginal canals (unless they use shrinking and drying agents such as daun sirih or kayu rapat).

On the other hand, I have had sexual relationships with girls below the age of 20 who had rather huge vaginas.

The amazing, and somehow amusing, result of my informal research has been that rather small women (which is amazing), and women who are most concerned with their overall beauty (that's the amusing part) are often the ones with the widest holes.

Why do women who are most concerned with their beauty often have the worst vaginas? Because these girls and young women are most likely to watch their weight most rigorously, and to be on diets regularly.

These women are then most likely to be under their genetically set standard weight - the weight they would be at if they were to eat in accordance to their appetite.

What happens with such women? They will lose their fatty pads on all parts of their bodies, including along their thighs and bottocks, in the tissue that surrounds their genitals.

Now, that makes for big holes.

I know this kind of vagina when I see one. No, not the vagina. But the girl or woman it belongs to.

The most telling sign is, if at the top of their thighs, the distance between their thighs is rather far, so that their genital area looks like a bridge between two pillars, their thighs.

On the other hand, women who are rather stout, or at least have pronounced thighs that touch each other on the inside when they are standing, are much more likely to have a small vagina, more suitable towards an optimal sexual experience for their husbands.

Accordingly, women who are grossly overweight are likely to have the smallest vaginas. This makes sense because fat tissue may be soft, but is not elastic like the vaginal wall tissue. So, when fat tissue extends not only to the circumference of the thighs, but also into the genitals, the vaginal canal cannot extend as greatly as in slim women.

In some countries (like India), men, especially wealthy men, often have a preference for fat wives, and I wonder whether this has to do with the fact that they value so greatly if their wives have vaginal canals that exert a proper grip.

In Indonesia, with its great bio-diversity, women, for centuries, have experimented with plants to find out which ones have an effect on vaginal measurements.

They have found some, and they became so widely used that the common Indonesian name of one, kayu rapat, directly refers to the plant's gynecological use. For 'kayu rapat' translates as tightness wood.


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