Fingerprinting in Cambodia

Every tourist or visitor on other purposes who enters Cambodia has his mugshot taken, and all 10 fingers fingerprinted by a computerized system.

It is an open secret that all of this data is sold to Western private security companies which, basically, aim to keep a data file on every human being on the surface of this planet, and a good number of those under it. These private security companies are not named in this article in order not to come up when these companies run Google searches on themselves.

These private security companies not only cooperate with the NSA and government agencies with the same agenda in other countries. They sell their data to anybody willing to pay for it. This "anybody" includes police departments anywhere in the world, tax collection offices, as well as management consultancies.

In the case of Cambodia, your personal information also ends up with NGOs on the hunt for foreign child molesters.

Do not underestimate the completeness of the file on you as it is kept by these security companies.

Your fingerprints taken at Cambodian immigration checkpoints are combined with the meta data of your phone connections, and of course, the traces you leave on the Internet.

Trust me, Cambodia is not worth a visit. Angkor Wat is overrated. It is much newer of age than ancient Greek and Roman buildings, and from the perspective of architectural skill, less impressing. The Cambodian countryside is boring, the weather is shitty hot, and the risks of malaria and dengue fever are substantial. Small dosages of marijuana can land you 15 years in jail, and the women you consider potential romances are mostly hookers and ex-hookers, widely infected with AIDS. That they now also engage in commerce with your fingerprints and mugshots should finally convince the rest: don't go to Cambodia.


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