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Akron, Ohio: Fran Sanchez Oria ( Singapore), masturbation expert and tongkat ali scammer

Mathew A. Showalter 1593 Derek Drive Akron, OH 44307

Francisco Sanchez Oria (Herbolab) is a person in Singapore who claims to be Spanish and has previously tried a career as a male model, which apparently didn’t take of in spite of his sexy Arabic looks. His membership on the model mayhem site (URL=Web page, P=Printscreen, N=Notarized printout) dates from 2012, and includes a presentation in the nude. (URL, Printscreen 1, 2, Notarized 1, 2).

Currently , Fran Sanchez aims to establish himself as sex guru. He writes about himself: “Fran now spend most of his time helping men and women achieve their peak sexual performance though coaching and supplementation.”

As credential, he publishes an article on the benefits of masturbation. (The original URL of the page was: Caught with his pants down, Fran Sanchez subsequently removed the page. In expectation of this move, I made printscreens, and had a set notarized. Printscreen 1, 2, 3, Notarized 1, 2, 3.)

Among other things he writes:

“… let’s look at the right way and the wrong way of playing solo… If done right, masturbation is a great tool to boost up your sexuality…”

“… The dos and don’ts of masturbation. There is no “standard” frequency that fits all men. Some individuals like to masturbate often and others don’t… On the other hand, you can masturbate as often as you want without ejaculating too often… Masturbation technique… However, certain masturbation techniques can lead to erectile dysfunction. For example if the masturbation is done with very rapid movement and/or great pressure and friction, it can cause what experts call “retarded ejaculations…”

“… Masturbating for great sexual health… can increase your testosterone levels, specially when combined with ejaculation edging. I could probably make another post just on this, but in a nutshell if you masturbate until you are close to climax then stop, and repeat several times, your testosterone levels will build up significantly.”

Now, we can see from the photos with which he promotes himself as a model, that a gym physique is a central concern of his. (URL, Printscreen,Notarized)

Sure, a good physique is fine. But for a man, any man, this doesn’t come by itself. It requires many hours in gyms, even with anabolic steroids.

Any man wants to up his sexual market value. But as a strategy to that end, gym hours tend to be a waste of time for those intelligent enough to be highly educated or smart enough to be simply rich. Your time on earth is limited, and as for me, I have better things to do do than spending hours upon hours every day just lifting iron.

Fran Sanchez teaches that masturbating repeatedly without climax increases testosterone, and obviously, increased testosterone has an anabolic effect.

What is missing in the lectures of the masturbation expert Fran Sanchez is the plain truth that sexual satisfaction is essential in life, and if one doesn’t have a partner, alone is better than not at all. I find it odd that I should masturbate just to have a benefit in the gym.

And then, apart from matters discussed above, there is one issue that initially made me wonder how much of his expertise, on masturbation and on tongkat ali, and how much of his educational resume, is just con artistry.

Fran Sanchez writes that “the penis is just another muscle in your body that needs to have regular activity.” (The original URL of the page was: Caught with his pants down, Fran Sanchez subsequently removed the page. In expectation of this move, I made printscreens, and had a set notarized. Printscreen, Notarized)

Fran Sanchez claims a Masters degree in molecular biology from the University of Uppsala in Sweden (URL, Printscreen, Notarized), a year in a Swedish hospital doing research on the DNA makeup of leukaemia in children (URL, Printscreen, Notarized), a degree in medical sciences from Karolinska University, plus an MBA from Karolinska, too. (URL, Printscreen, Notarized),

And then he doesn’t even know that the penis (physiology explained here) is not a muscle?

Are all these claimed academic credentials true?

What I do know for sure is that Fran Sanchez is a con artist in the tongkat ali trade, operating with lies and fake documents, citing invented government regulations, claiming non-existent approval by authorities, and apparently doing business with notorious fakers of medications and government Id’s. Here you have it all: the characteristics of a fundamentally dishonest person who cheats in all directions.

Fran Sanchez makes a lot of claims, in substandard English, as to the legality of his product. He says that the production facility in North Sumatra is licensed, inspected, and registered by the Indonesian Health Ministry, and that the Indonesian food and drug administration does lab tests and that a pharmacist is involved. Allegedly, all of his operations are in accordance with the strictest Indonesian government regulations.

As proof for all these claims, he put up a single Certificate of Analysis. But this certificate was a falsified document. It used to be on the following URL:

Having being caught red-handed, and with his pants down, as a document-falsifying scammer, he has since taken down the forgery. But we have printscreens and notarized printscreens.(P 1, 2, Notarized 1, 2 )

The content of the certificate was stolen from World A. B. S. (URL, Printscreen 1, 2, Notarized 1, 2 ). And a letterhead of the University of Sumatera Utara and the stamp sand signature of Dr Awaluddin Saragih M. Si., Apt is just doctored into the image. 1 (URL, Printscreen, Notarized), 2 (URL, Printscreen,Notarized) And the letterhead of the University Sumatera Utara is from Indonesiaherbals, who are a scam themselves (URL, Printscreen, Notarized). The signature and seal of the lab head are from here (URL, Printscreen, Notarized). Fran Sanchez uses forged documents to sell cheap shit with a claim that it is tongkat ali 1:200 extract at a high price, trying to enrich himself on the expense of inexperienced buyers. For such practises, Fran Sanchez is a threat to public health.

And the letterhead of the University Sumatera Utara is from Indonesiaherbals, who are a scam themselves (URL, Printscreen, Notarized). The signature and seal of the lab head are from (URL, Printscreen, Notarized). All of this proof is properly notarized, and we have contacted Dr Awaluddin Saragih M. Si., Apt to give him an opportunity to evaluate criminal charges.

OK , let’s summarize for a moment. Here we have a guy who’s age is barely 30, who has been in Singapore for a few years, and who has been trying a career as sexy male model with unclothed photography. He tells the world that he has 3 university degrees from Sweden with two Masters among them, one of them in molecular biology. He also proclaims the benefits of masturbation to increase testosterone and have more gains in the gym. And then he tries to establish himself as a retailer for the world’s finest tongkat ali on the basis of blatantly faked documents.

Poor guy who thinks he is so smart, and who assumes all his customers are just idiots that can be tricked so easily.

Would you trust the products he is selling? Why would a fundamentally dishonest person who operates on fake documents and makes unsubstantiated claims to a tremendously successful academic career sell a genuine form of the world’s most pricy herbal? If everything else is fake or substandard, then the product is most likely just cheap shit, sourced at minimal costs to maximize his own profit.

Consumers of herbal medicine typically do not have enough awareness of the dangers of buying fake and tainted products on the Internet. They often believe what con artists advertise if only prices are lower than those of proper honest companies with licensed products.

Well, I can understand people who own a fake Iwatch, and even those with a fake Rolex. But fake medicines are a in a different league. You can ruin your health and shorten your life span buying fake tongkat ali from con artists on the Internet, a feat hard to achieve with a fake Rolex even if you bought it in a pissed dark alleyway.

Are you a victim of Fran Sanchez con artistry? How good are your chances of getting your money back? Not so bad, actually.

Fran Sanchez isn’t the first tongkat ali cheat I have been writing about. I have dismantled more than a dozen others. Fran Sanchez will also not be the last tongkat ali scammer to attract my attention. I have already spotted a few more. As long as they just rank on the eighth or tenth or 14th Google results page, they won’t do a lot of sales anyway.

But from previous scam cases I unveiled, I know the following likely course of subsequent events. The first few people who write to a scammer after his scheme is uncovered will get email replies in which the scammer defends himself, often by calling me a hired gun. The scammer may even refund one or two buyers.

But after a while, he will just not answer email, and then, sooner or later, he will just close down his website. These people have a hit-and-run attitude. So, if you are late with your demand for a refund, what can you do? One proven strategy to get money back from a cheater is via Facebook. Make friends with some friends of his Facebook profile, and then ask your new friends for some help in settling your claims against the scammer.

This will work because even criminals typically have a circle of friends where they want to be respected as men of honor.

Will Fran Sanchez Oria have money to pay back all his victims? His attempts on a career as a sexy photo model have failed, and as a tongkat ali scammer, he is finished.

But wait a moment. Doesn’t he have some really amusing ideas on the benefits of masturbation? (Do it often but with not too much grip, and then you will raise your testosterone and have the physique of a bodybuilder.)

Imagine Fran Sanchez on Larry King live or the Late Show, explaining masturbation techniques. That kind of clown is just what they need on talk shows to make a program really good fun.


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