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15 Of The Most Brutal Prisons From Around The World! #10 Is Downright Terrifying! X

16 Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide Notable Famous Deaths

30 Days of LSD Microdosing Part 1: Buying LSD Online

30-year-old Russian man volunteers for world's first human head transplant X

360 degree: Why capital punishment must stay

40 Celebrities Who Committed Suicide X

5 Reasons Why Jealousy Is a Good Thing

5 Rules to becoming 'clitrate' and giving her the best orgasm ever X

5 ways to make your woman scream your name in bed X

52 Famous Artists Who Committed Suicide X

6 surefire ways to deal with a jealous friend/partner

7 Amazing Anesthesia Awareness stories

7 Negative Emotions That Actually Have Really Positive Effects On Your Life

7 dark secrets about the real Peter Pan include suicide and pedophilia

70 percent women in Egypt can't orgasm due to female genital mutilation

A Controversial Procedure To Restore The Clitoris After FGM

A New Way to Prevent Awareness Under Anesthesia

A Penis Enlargement Technique That Works—And Is Only Kind of Terrifying X

A woman tells her story: ‘Why did you cut my clitoris?’

A Soul Lost in the Land of the Rising Sun

Anti-angiogenic quassinoid-rich fraction from Eurycoma longifolia modulates endothelial cell function

A Virginia imam said female genital mutilation prevents ‘hypersexuality,’ leading to calls for his dismissal

A bad-smelling vagina X

A brief history of being buried alive

A brief history of field trials of the DSM diagnostic criteria for paraphilias.

A forgotten Darwinian theory upends everything biologists thought about the female orgasm

A new way to love: in praise of polyamory

A woman tells her story: 'Why did you cut my clitoris?' X

Adult World Inc. accused of false advertising of sexual enhancement products

Adventures in the Orgasmatron: Wilhelm Reich and the Invention of Sex by Christopher Turner: review X

After long wait, Japan moves to ban possession of child pornography X

Agency condemns plan to lower age of consent X

Al Qaeda manual had its own description of torture techniques

Alan Dershowitz Joins Legal Team Defending Female Genital Mutilation on Religious Freedom Grounds

Albanian court finds British paedophile guilty of sexual abuse

Ali Al-Nimr’s Crucifixion Sentence in Saudi Arabia Sparks Outcry

All the things you've ever wanted to know about penis enlargement surgery

American pedophile in Albania

Angkor Wat

An Ancient Cure for Alzheimer’s

An Indian Woman’s Search For An Orgasm

An Overview of Filicide X

Androgenic activity of the Thai traditional male potency herb, Butea superba Roxb., in female rats.

Anesthesia Awareness X

‘Anesthesia Awareness:’ Waking Up During Surgery Can Have Long Lasting Psychological Affects X

Anesthesia Awareness—What If I Am Awake During Surgery?

Angela Nagle: Roosh V falls foul of the online outrage cycle

Angry Argentine parents accused of fatally beating pedophile, a trumpeter, as he played in church concert

Animals more disciplined than human beings in sex life

Apakah itu Keperawanan Anda? (What is your virginity?)

Apparently There Are Only 5 Types Of Vagina - Which One Do You Have?

Are Love and Sex before an Arranged Marriage Worth It?

"Are there any last words?" Harrowing VR simulator reveals what final moments are like at assisted suicide clinic Dignitas

Are pedophiles more widely accepted in Japan than in the US, UK, AU, etc?

Are you after a 'designer vagina'? After reading this definitive guide on the procedures and risks you may change your mind

Arginine and endothelial and vascular health. X

Arkansas pair, including teacher, arrested on charges stemming from sex abuse of 2 children X

Arthur Gary Bishop

Ask a Mortician: How Prevalent Is Necrophilia in the Funeral Industry? X

Assessing Libya's Chemical Weapons Threat

At UN, India stands by death penalty

Attractions around Ho Chi Minh City / Tay Ninh

Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network X

Awake during surgery - 'I'm in hell' X

Bachelor, 37, has his PENIS trapped inside a wrench for 17 hours before being freed by dentists using a drill (because rescuers were unable to remove the tool) X

Bangkok / Ayutthaya by Oriental Queen

Be Afraid: ISIS’ Next Deadly Terror Attack Could Be With Chemical Weapons

Bedwetting accidents: When parents kill...

Best dopamine agonist for sex

Big city or small town - what is better

Botox can cure erectile dysfunction, say experts X

Blogger 'not welcome' here: Canadian mayors tell Roosh V

Bomba free elderly man's penis from plastic chair X

Book Of A Lifetime: Lolita, By Vladimir Nabokov X

Botox As A Penis Enlargement Treatment?

Botox Claimed To Be A Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction X

Brain Transplant

British Pedophile Arrested in Cambodia For Allegedly Raping Four Minors X

British paedophile gets life sentence for Malaysia, Cambodia crimes X

Burn, Malibu, Burn! - Fire: the Most Effective, Underused Weapon in the World

Butea superba extract and other dietary supplements for divine sex

Californian Man Off's Himself in the Kingdom of Cambodia (Backstory Update)


Cambodian necrophiliac who attempted sex act on corpse a day after the funeral arrested after falling asleep in the COFFIN

Can Child Sex Dolls Prevent Pedophiles From Offending? X

Can jealousy be good for a relationship

Canada Moves To Equalize Age Of Consent For Anal Sex X

Canada fights influx of fake Pfizer’s Blue, as erectile dysfunction creates 'perfect storm' for counterfeiters

Cannabis As An Aphrodisiac? The Evidence Is Mounting

Capital punishment

Cary Grant was one of the first to benefit from LSD therapy

Caverflo - another death caused by fake tongkat ali shipped from Singapore X

Chad is the country most vulnerable to climate change – here's why

Challenging Mainstream Thought About Beauty’s Big Hand in Evolution X

Cheap sex in Koh Kong

Chemical Warfare: What are the Types of Chemical Weapons?

Child Sexuality and Age of Consent Laws: The Netherlands Model

Child sexuality and sexual behaviour

Child sexuality: Recent developments and implications for treatment, prevention, and social policy X

Childhood Sexuality: Normal Sexual Behavior and Development X

Children and sexuality: "Normal" sexual behaviour and experiences in childhood

China’s Sex Industry ‘Too Big to Fail’

Chinese border residents buy North Korean bride with a bag of rice X

Chlamydien, Tripper, Syphilis

Choosing a woman with a small vagina

Climate for conflict

Clinical trial of Butea superba, an alternative herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction

Clitbait: 10 things you didn't know about the clitoris X

Clodagh Dunlop: Locked-in syndrome PSNI officer back to work

Come Again?! Multiple Orgasms, Super-orgasms and the Women Who Have Them

Company Releases 'Child Love Dolls' to Stop Pedophiles Rumor: A company has released 'child love dolls' to provide a safe sexual outlet for pedophiles. X


Controversial pick-up artist Roosh V celebrates Donald Trump’s victory: ‘If the President can say it then you can say it’ X

Controversial surgeon claims he’s just three years away from first human brain transplant

Cops: Man Caught in Hospital Necrophilia Act

Cordyceps Sinensis, Caterpillar fungus, Tochukasu

Country and People / Geography

Country and People / Religion

Credit-for-sex scam victims lost S$304,000 since start of 2017

Crohn's sufferer on ending life at Swiss clinic: Government cuts denied me care so I've chosen to die

Cryogenically frozen brains will be 'woken up' and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon X

Cure for Alzheimer's? Scientists discover two genes that cause the disease - and how to target them


Cyber sex crime rap on Centre

Danish research: Male testosterone levels fall after marriage

Danniella Westbrook broadcasts her designer VAGINA surgery live from operating table

Deadly Fake ‘Pfizer’s Blue’ in Kenyan Market Biggest Worry for Poisons Board

Dealing with a spouse’s jealousy

Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders

Debating the Death Penalty for Rape in India

Decision on same-sex marriage bill on hold amid dispute

Delhi Seeks Amnesty for 3 Indians on Death Row in Indonesia, Qatar

Designer Vagina

Determination of bioactive compounds in roots of different ages Pueraria mirifica, Airy Shaw Suvatabhandhu and Butea superba, Roxb. from various locations in Thailand X

Diabetes and diminshing climax

Diagnosing low testosterone

Dignitas suicide: British man ends his life at Swiss clinic as he could not face dementia

Doctor Plans to Perform Frozen Brain Transplants By 2020

Doctor claims he can enlarge your penis with a ‘Botox-style’ injection

Does Bangladesh have an age of consent?

Does Botox help with penis enlargement?

Does ISIS Have Chemical & Biological Weapons?

Does Reggie Bush Also Think Kim Kardashian's Vagina Smells? X

Does the Loli Genre Have Ties to Pedophilia?

Donald Trump Lowering the Age of Sexual Consent to 13 Is Fake News

Dopamine agonists: pathological gambling, increased libido, and hypersexuality

Downtown Hanoi

Dozens of Potential Alzheimer's Meds in the Pipeline

Dr. Mengele’s Friends: The Forgotten History of Human Vivisection in America and Europe

Dubai's dirty secret

Duck Sex and the Patriarchy

Eight Tajik women involved in commercial sex work in Afghanistan detained this year

Einreise-Bestimmungen / Einreise ohne Visum

Elton John to petition world leaders on HIV, AIDS treatment

EMPTY CAGES Animal Rights and Vivisection X

EU Report: ISIS Could Commit Chemical or Biological Terror Attack in West X

EUROPE'S HOLY WAR: Continent to be 'DESTROYED by merciless RELIGIOUS conflict'

EXCLUSIVE - Family of 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins fear he's on the brink of suicide over pedophile claims, as stunned former cast member laments 'he was the glue that held us together'

EXPAT TRAGEDY First pics of Brit couple found hanged in Cambodia ‘alongside suicide note blaming NHS for their mental health problems’

Effect of Butea Superba. Roxb root extract on male hamster fertility

Effects of Long-term Treatment of Butea superba on Sperm Motility and Concentration X

Envy Can Be Good For You

Europe's "refugee" crisis and the Kalergi plan for white genocide

EXCLUSIVE: Family of 7th Heaven star Stephen Collins fear he's on the brink of suicide over pedophile claims, as stunned former cast member laments 'he was the glue that held us together'

Every woman has a right to sexual feeling and orgasm, says FGM-fixing doctor

Everything About Duck Penises Is Interesting

Everything you wanted to know about bird sex

Extracts derived from Pueraria mirifica, Butea superba and/or Mucuna collettii and extraction thereof

FGM victims to undergo free surgery

Facts about the Muslim population in Europe

Faecal attraction: A beginner’s guide to coprophilia

Fake tongkat ali from Singapore causing string of deaths around the world

Family Claims Wide-Awake Surgery Led to Minister's Suicide

Famous Artists Who Committed Suicide

Father 'driven to suicide after he was wrongly accused of being a paedophile on Facebook'

Fathers who kill their children

Feature - Buddhism's pedophile monks

Feds Promise to Protect Half a Million America Girls from Genital Mutilation

Female Circumcision In Ghana

Female Circumcision as Sexual Therapy: The Past and Future of Plastic Surgery?

Female genital mutilation - Maneka Gandhi to write to Bohra head to stop practice X

Female genital mutilation: the cruellest cut

Feminism and Pornography

Feminism by any other name

Feminism, Moralism, and Pornography

Fingerprinting in Cambodia

Fire as a Weapon in Terrorist Attacks X

First Successful Brain Transplant

First federal case under female genital mutilation ban spurs efforts for harsher penalties

First head transplant successfully carried out on monkey, claims surgeon

Five Nigerians arrested in Ghana for selling penis, buttocks enlargement drugs

Five types of orgasms you never knew women could have – and how to give them to her

Foreigners in legal trouble

Forgetting Lolita: How Nabokov's Victim Became an American Fantasy

Fran Sanchez Oria ( Singapore), masturbation expert and tongkat ali scammer

Freud's views on early female sexuality in the light of direct child observation.

German Man Micha Stunz Gets 7-Pound Penis Enlargement With Silicone Injections

Germans introduce poison gas

Germany Says 100 Million African Refugees Could Head North

Germany: the world's capital of penis enlargement

Getting to know ED X

Ghanaian Women Prostitute In Mecca X

Going Once: Teenager Hopes to Auction Off Her Virginity

Good news gents! New implant extends a penis by TWO INCHES and lasts for life

Got the balls? Men are super-sizing their testicles with this bizarre new procedure X

Guys Are Injecting Botox Into Their Balls

HPLC coupled on-line to ESI-MS and a DPPH-based assay for the rapid identification of anti-oxidants in Butea superba

Handbook of child and adolescent sexuality : developmental and forensic psychology X

Harsher Sentence in Singapore for Pedophile Joshua Robinson

Having sex with corpses is still legal in several American states

Head transplant has been successfully done on a monkey, maverick neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claims

'He is not dead yet' : Traumatic footage shows 'Ukrainian soldiers burying a Russian separatist ALIVE'

Health: How to boost chances of female orgasm

Here's The Science Behind Jealousy — And How To Overcome It

Here’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Female climax X

Here’s What Actually Happens When You Wake Up During Surgery Let’s talk about the bizarre thing that can happen on the operating table.

Hitler Was A Coprophile (He Liked To Be Pooped On)

Hizbul Mujahideen Video Shows Brutal Torture Of Kashmiri Youths For Being 'Police Informers'

HIV positive and gay in Kenya; double stigma

Homo Obnoxious: Is Toxic Masculinity Really Taking Over the Country?

How Algeria could destroy the EU

How America Interrupted Wilhelm Reich's Orgasmic Utopia

How Chickens Lost Their Penises (And Ducks Kept Theirs)

How do I make my vagina tighter naturally?

How Does One Get A Loose or Flappy Vagina?

How Long Has ISIS Been Stockpiling Chemical Weapons?

How Maryland 'Neomasculinity' Blogger Roosh V Became an International 'Pro-Rape' Villain

How Medications Impact Libido

How Sex Addiction Became A Diagnosis

How Texas tested psychedelics on death row inmates X

How To Kill A Pedophile: My Beautiful Suicide book three

How To Know If You Have A Loose Vagina Or Normal – Know The Signs

How can I make my vagina tighter naturally

How do orgasms affect the brain? Study investigates

How long do couples in arranged marriages wait before having sex

How men from Africa and Asia can easily migrate to Europe: Apulia and Calabria route

How men from Africa and Asia can easily migrate to Europe: Central Mediterranean route

How men from Africa and Asia can easily migrate to Europe: Western African route

How men from Africa and Asia can easily migrate to Europe: Western Balkan route

How much women in Nairobi are spending to satisfy their sexual needs

How sex robots could become targets of rape fantasies

How surgery restores pleasure for female cut victims X

How to Supercharge Your Sex Drive

How to enjoy sex after childbirth

'I'm a normal guy. I just fancy six-year-olds: 'Virtuous' paedophile who is aroused by girls aged under 13 but 'doesn’t act on his impulses' reveals why his British wife has stood by him

'I am open for everything': 19-year-old offers her 'virginity for sale' with $250k price tag in classifieds advert

Indonesia labelled ‘paedophile paradise’ as gang rape, child sex abuse cases soar

Industrial Chemicals as Weapons: Chlorine

Influence of Arabic on other languages

"I've been dying to post this": Terminally ill dad-of-three's final Facebook message before ending his life at Dignitas

‘It’s the next big thing’: Can penis injections give you a better sex life?

'I worry the world will forget how to make love': Model-turned-activist Pamela Anderson declares herself an 'anti-feminist' and says 'men and women have different roles to play'

'I have SEX with corpses': Morgue worker claims necrophilia is 'part of training' in TV interview

I Had Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery To Get My "Teenage" Vagina Back

I Tried "Weed Lube" and Oh My God, Yes

I Went Balls Deep at New York's First Ever 'Designer Vagina' Fashion Show

I Woke Up From A Coma Locked-In My Own Body

I had vagina therapy with a vagina physiotherapist

IGNOU programme for sex workers in Gujarat


IS could smuggle mustard gas to Europe: report

ISIS Has a New Weapon: Fire

ISIS Is Using Mustard Gas. Does U.S. Network News Care?

ISIS Takes Page Out of the CIA’s

ISIS Takes Page Out of the CIA’s Interrogation Manual, Validates Anti-Torture Activists’ Concerns

ISIS Threatens Arson Against Church in Dallas, Texas

ISIS bury 45 of their own fighters ALIVE after they fled the battlefield X

ISIS have used chemical weapons and can make their own chlorine and mustard gas, warns CIA director

ISIS plotting to use chemical weapons in UK ‘mass casualty’ attack, warns government

Im a Pedophile

Improving sexual function X

In Canada, Roosh V's Crackpot Critics Have Got It All Wrong

In Defence Of Designer Vaginas

In Hypogonadism, Stroke May Be Prevented With Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In Japan, Pillows Can Be Sex Partners

In defence of arranged marriage

In vitro Anti-Toxoplasma gondii Activity of Root Extract/Fractions of Eurycoma longifolia Jack

Indecent sexual affair in the offices of the Socialist Party in Albania

India's female genital mutilation: a thousand-year-old secret

Indian on death row in Saudi Arabia to walk free

Inside South Florida's "Slow Sex" Orgasmic Meditation Groups

Interview with James DeMeo about Orgone technology

Is there a torture manual?

Isis could unleash car bombs and chemical weapons on Europe as new terror tactics employed, Europol warns

Isis would use chemical weapons in attack on UK, says minister

Israel’s Fire Jihad, Intifada, A Weapon of Mass Destruction: (Past)Time To Place Arab/Islamic Sector On Notice. What Are Israel’s Leaders Waiting For?

Italy / History / Italian unification (1816-1861) and Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946)

Jalan Duta

Jalan Duta Sg Buloh

Jalan Keramat

Jalan Limao Purut

Jalan Permata

Jalan Pisang

Jalan Sri Hartamas

Japan's high-tech love dolls evolving with the times

Japan's obsession with Pedophile friendly band Baby metal goes International

Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles

Jealous missus chops off penis of cheating fella named Wang

Jealousy affects the sexes differently

Jealousy and Romantic Love: A Longitudinal Study

Jeremy Hunt 'asked FGM survivor if she could still have orgasm'

Jeremy Hunt 'asked FGM victim if she can have orgasms'

Job-seeking women made to join ranks of prostitutes

Johor / Waterfalls at Lombong, Kota Tinggi

Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack

Kakenya Ntaiya Is Fighting Female Genital Mutilation and Promoting Education Through the Kakenya Center for Excellence

Kedah / Pulau Singa Besar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kemi Olunloyo :'I Don’t Experience Orgasms' media personality opens up on FGM

Kenya - Plans to lower age of consent face opposition

Kenya: Medics Raise Alarm Over Fake Viagra


La rivoluzione tongkat ali (The tongkat ali revolution)

Laos / Attraktionen in der Umgebung von Vientiane

Laos / Reise-Informationen

Laos / Travel Information

LGBT movement’s other goal: Lower age of consent to 10 years old for psychiatric therapy – without parents’ knowledge or consent! X

LGBT groups call on gov’t to legalize same-sex marriage

Lijiang / The Town

LSD to be given to people with depression in 'wonder drug' trial backed by aristocrat but campaigners warn it is 'dangerous'

LSD to be tested as a 'cure for depression' in Britain for the first time X

Lawmakers Unconvinced Age Of Consent Should Be Raised

Lingerie model gets 'designer vagina' after REFUSING doctor's advice to grow her bikini line out

Locked-in syndrome: rare survivor Richard Marsh recounts his ordeal

Lolicon Backlash in Japan

Lolita at 50

Lost in Cambodia

Luteinizing hormone reduction by the male potency herb, Butea superba Roxb.


Making a Girl Jealous: Dos and Don'ts

Making a Suicide Like Some Random Accident

Malaysia / Pahang

Malaysia / Perak

Malaysia / Selangor / The State

Man Gets Botox Injections In Penis To Achieve Permanent Erection

Man Spends $50,000 To Transform Himself Into A Genderless Alien; Plans To Get His Penis, Bellybutton & Nipples Removed Next

Man allegedly 'soaked' candy with LSD

Man beaten, penis tied to pole after child rape claims surface

Man killed himself after Stinson Hunter 'paedophile trap' X

Man who wants rape legalising is delighted with Donald Trump's win

Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods

Map of Pattaya, Thailand

Map of Ranong

Map Room / Vietnam

Marriages or Legal Prostitution in Saudi Arabia? X

Me before you - an infomercial for assisted suicide

Meet The Expert Who Says Cannabis Is The Secret To Better Sex

Meet the Guys Obsessed With the Smell of Vagina

Meknes / History

Men Who Love to Hate X

Men who trafficked teenage girls into Dubai to work as prostitutes are jailed

Metfone mobile Internet

Metro Manila / Transport / Jeepneys

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Myth of the Gay Pedophile X

Milo Yiannopoulos’s Pedophilia Comments Cost Him CPAC Role and Book Deal X

Morbid Jealousy and Other Mental Health Concerns

More WA men seeking penis surgery to increase size X

Most Common Causes of Loose Vaginal Walls

Mother jailed for forcing daughter into prostitution in Dubai X

Mustard Poisoning

Mutagenic and Antimutagenic Effects of the Traditional Herb Used for Treating Erectile Dysfunction, Butea superba Roxb.

My advice to young women in Third World cities

My arranged marriage thrived after my marriage for ‘love’ died

My vagina is too ‘loose’ says my boyfriend. What should I do?

Myanmar / Country and People / History / Colonial Times

Myanmar / Bago

Myanmar / Taunggyi

N.J. woman headed to prison for penis enlargement death X

NATO Lawmakers Warn Global Warming Will Trigger Food Shortages X

Nabokov's Lolita and Freud's Dora

Natural Dopamine Increasers

Necrophilia and incest should be legal, says Swedish Liberal party youth wing, but are accused of being 'laughable nitwits' by party senior

Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being

New Calgary sex offender treatment program puts focus on higher-risk inmates, psychiatrist says

New Cannabis Strain Designed to Help Women Orgasm

New brain death pathway in Alzheimer's disease

New research shows us why straight women have less orgasm than other groups

Nigeria - Linda Ikeji in Search of a Man to Have 'Regular Sex' With

Nigeria: The Ugly Scars of Female Genital Mutilation

Nine signs of low testosterone men should not ignore X

No hurry in Japan to act on pedophile

North Korean Women Smuggled to China X

North Thailand / Economy

Northwest Luzon / Baguio City / Accommodation / Simple Hotels and Pension Houses

Not Science Fiction: A Brain In A Box To Let People Live On After Death

Not so cool now! Pro-rape pick-up artist pictured in a sweat-stained T-shirt at the door of his mother's home (where he lives in the BASEMENT!) X

Notorious paedophile killed himself after inmates took out 'contracts' on him, inquest hears

Nuclear, chemical and biological threats: The terror next time?

Number of Brits heading to Dignitas rises as public opinion backs assisted suicide

'Necrophilia-obsessed' girl among double murder accused in three-way sex case X

Obsessional jealousy: a brief review and case series from india

Of African women, Greeks, the art of sex and politics

Om alfahannar (Alpha males)

One Thousand Cuts… Terrifying Ancient Chinese Torture and Execution Methods

Oprah's Childhood Expert May Have Committed Suicide Over Pedophilia Charges

Optimal sex and Torture X

Over 70% of Egyptian women can't orgasm due to this horrible reality

Pedophile South Korean Diplomat Causes International Incident With Chile

PLANT REVIEW: Butea monosperma X

Pakistan issues its first third-gender passport

Paraguay semi-naked couple seen having sex on bike

Paralysed Italian DJ takes own life in Swiss clinic after fruitless euthanasia campaign in his native country

Pastor who impregnated teen sentenced to prison in Chesco

Pedophile beaten to death by angry preschool parents

Pedophile committed a suicide in the court - Video

Pedophile's Child Rape Victim Given Suicide Drugs By Doctors

Pedophiles, JK, AKB48 and Trolls

"Pedophile" teacher boasted of student suicides: ex-student

'Paedophile hunter' feels no guilt for Harlow man's suicide following online grooming sting

'Pedophile' teacher boasted of student suicides: ex-student

'People will come back from the dead' Surgeon in ZOMBIE breakthrough

Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes

Penis size may increase by 2 inches with one injection

Perak / Kellie's Castle

Peter Martin Ebel, ex-Stillwater teacher and fugitive pedophile suspect, back in jail

Pfizer’s Blue naturale: 6 piante che hanno lo stesso effetto


Plantes et traitements des troubles sexuels.

Plastic surgery report: Demand for designer vaginas fastest-growing here

Poisonous gas attack by ISIS leads to fears terrorists are mass producing CHEMICAL WEAPONS X

Porn, prostitution will be rampant if women allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia: Report

Preventing Chemical Weapons Use in Syria

Prisoner campaigns for sex dolls for 82,000 prisoners to release testosterone

Private parts: Is ‘scrotox’ next?

Pro-rape campaigner Roosh V forced to cancel UK 'anti-feminist' meetings amid safety fears

Pro-rape' US pick-up artist posts personal details and pictures of female journalists online in revenge for negative coverage

Professor examines Lolita complex by first looking at his own experience

Profile of Child Predator Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Profile of Dennis Rader - The BTK Strangler

Profile of Serial Killer, Cannibal and Necrophilliac Richard Chase

Prolactin Inhibitor and Dopamine Boosting Drugs and Supplements

Prostitutes in Dubai

Prostitution in Dubai: Places to avoid in Dubai

Public holidays

Pueraria (Kwao Krua Kao) Thailand’s Youth Promoting Herb for Women

Punishment in Saudi Arabia X

Pure Evil - Wartime Japanese Doctor Had No Regard for Human Suffering

Queensland votes to equalise age of consent for all sexual acts X

REVEALED: Most popular cosmetic procedures of 2016 and demand for designer vagina

Ray J’s Comments About A Certain Part Of Kim Kardashian’s Body May Earn Him A Kanye Twitter Rant

Realizing You're a Pedophile Can Make You Want to Kill Yourself

Recent studies on aphrodisiac herbs for the management of male sexual dysfunction - A review

Report: cartoon paedophilia harmless

Resident tracks woman offering sex services in condo, records 111 visitors in 3 weeks

Restoring hope to FGM victims

Revealed: 'Lolita' isn't just a classic novel; Nabokov's story of sick lust really happened

Revealed: Gory pictures of blisters suffered by Kurdish fighters are the first evidence that ISIS jihadis are now deploying MUSTARD GAS in Iraq

Revengeful fathers kill children to punish mum

Richard Dawkins on vivisection: "But can they suffer?"

Rise in death penalty in India’s neighbourhood

Rocking for a cure to Alzheimer's

SA's second - and world's third - penis transplant recipient is one 'happy patient'

SEX GAME TRAGEDY Mum, 24, died from a rare flesh-eating disease after being 'injured during a sex game with her boyfriend'

SK’s First Chemical Castration of a Pedophile

Sadomasochist accused of strapping woman to 'torture board' and sending 240 volts through vagina CLEARED of sexual assault

San2 Jailed for Sex Attack

Scandalous Books That You Should Read, If Only For The Sex

Science Says Women Have The Best Orgasms At This Age — & It Might Shock You

Scientists discover new line of attack against cancer

Scientists find brain differences in pedophiles

Scientists in China conduct 'successful' head transplant on rat

Scrotox - An Idea That Is Just Nuts X

Secret Service officer caught in online pedophile sting gets 20 years, lifetime supervision

Security guard lured women to Dubai and forced them into prostitution, court hears

Sex and film makers

Sex, Marriage and South Africa

Sex and love with robots: no longer science fiction

Sex racketeer sunil meher taken on 4-day remand

Sex robots are a serious concern that isn’t being thought about enough, say experts

Sex robots are coming ... but they’re bring a lot of moral issues with them

Sex robots on way for elderly and lonely...but pleasure-bots have a dark side, warn experts

Sex, drugs, and the Summer of Love

Sexual Behavior in Dutch and Belgian Children as Observed by Their Mothers

Sexual enhancement products confiscated X

Sexualized Children: Assessment and Treatment of Sexualized Children and Children Who Molest

Shelby County man now charged with rape of 5 underage girls X

Shocking:18 year-old puts up her virginity for sale

Should You Try Botox for Premature Ejaculation?

Signs That You Might Have a Loose Vagina

Signs of a Loose Vagina and How to Tighten it up

Simple ways to tighten your vagina!

Singapore / Food

Smoking skunk caused my son to cut off his penis, says father

Solving Nabokov's Lolita Riddle

Some Canadians still travelling to Switzerland to end their own lives X

Soulja Boy Blasts K. Michelle’s Smelly Vagina

South Africa’s plan to tackle HIV among sex workers

South Luzon / Tabaco

South Thailand / Ko Samui

South Thailand / Ko Samui / Mumified Monk

Spooky Action at a Distance: The Strange Science of Radionics

Spouse killings in Iran

Stacey Solomon admits she worried about her vagina after giving birth to two boys

Standing up for Saudi Arabia’s ‘Prostitutes’

Stigma ‘killing’ South Africans living with HIV

Stop Fem-Splaining: What 'Women Against Feminism' Gets Right

Studies on chemical constituents from butea superba roxb.

Study on "Orgasm Gap" Reveals Surprising Truth About Oral Sex

Study: Genital mutilation imposes segregation on immigrants American daughters

Suicidal Pedophile

Supermarkets in Laos

Süd-Thailand / Phi-Phi-Inseln / Wikinger-Höhle

Surgeon Claims He Has Performed A Successful Head Transplant On A Monkey

Surgeon claims simple injection can increase size of penis by 2 inches X

Surviving Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks

Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest

Take Me Out hopeful Charlie Watkins committed suicide when he ‘never recovered from tragic loss of mother’

Talking Death with the Late Psychedelic Chemist Sasha Shulgin

Taxpayer-Funded Duck Penis Researcher Now Studying Whale Penises

Teen auctions off her virginity to pay for college and a car

Teen bride forced to prove virginity kills herself after husband demands second wife

Terminally ill pensioner takes own life at home after booking appointment with Dignitas X

Test with 100 mg daily yohimbine

Terrorist Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Reality to Come?

Terrorists’ Workshops for Production of Chemical Weapons Destroyed in Idlib Province – Russian MoD

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Testosterone found to be a driver for starting your own business

Testosterone Gels Get a Failing Grade in More Ways Than One

Testosterone linked to entrepreneurial ambition X

Testosterone therapy for low levels

Texas man, 56, with long history of 'deviant sex acts' with children's clothing and VEGETABLES is sentenced to life in prison for meth possession X

Thai tuktukThe Country and its People


Thailand / History


Thailand / Bangkok

Thailand / History

Thailand / Land und Leute

Thailand / Shopping

Thailand Regions (2009)

The Country and its People

The meaning of life

The 'sex slave' scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques From Medieval Europe

The American Army Manuals of Torture

The Crimes of the Killer Couple Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

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The Kingdom in the Closet

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The Science Of Your Vagina: Why Women Don’t Get ‘Looser’ After Sex

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The Underground Website Where You Can Buy Any Drug Imaginable

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The Vamp in the Veil: Is she a Saudi princess - or a prostitute?

The Ward Weaver Case

The beautiful secret behind why arranged marriages last much longer than love marriages

The bizarre rise of SCROTOX: Men are paying nearly £3,000 to have Botox in their private parts - so would you let your man do it?

The doctor who gives women their orgasms back

The female orgasm is a way to create social control

The law on “consensual” incest

The pleasure doctor fighting to restore clitorises after female genital mutilation

The rise of the designer vagina

The tongkat ali revolution

The value of duck sex research versus a skeptical Congress

The ‘sex slave’ scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein X

These 12 Weed Strains Are Better Than Viagra

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This Is What Your Vagina Is Supposed To Smell Like

This man advertises suicide in Cambodia. I lost my sister to him

This surgeon says he can increase your penis size by two inches by injecting it with blood X

Three human traffickers who fooled women into prostitution in Dubai are jailed

Three things about: Child marriages in Malaysia

Tokyo's largest district OKs same-sex partner certificates

Tongkat Ali tea or extract

Tongkat ali and athletic performance

Tongkat ali now patented for weight loss X

Tongkat ali reliably cures migraines

Tongkat Ali - the Malaysian equivalent to pasak bumi

Tongkat Ali σε σύγκριση με νταπαμινεργικά (Tongkat Ali compared to dopaminergics)

Torture hoods used in U.S. prisons


Trade and the migration crisis

Transgender woman pens letter about testicle removal case

Treating low testosterone levels with butea superba

Tripping up - The real danger of microdosing with LSD X

Tropical fruit

Turkey Lowers Age of Consent to 12?

UAE has strict rules against prostitution

Unlocking a Deadly Secret

Unveiling the Middle East’s sex industry

‘Unarranged’: Are arranged marriages successful or not?

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation in Charleston County, SC

Vaginal Tightening

Vain men are having their scrotums botoxed X


Video surfaces of Milo Yiannopoulos defending pedophilia, ACU board reportedly not consulted on CPAC invite

Vientiane / Vientiane subway nears completion

Vietnam / Land und Leute

Vivisectionist recalls his day of reckoning

Vladimir Putin says life is easy because he has a penis

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Man's DIY penis enlargement horror: 'I injected hot Vaseline' A MAN who was self-conscious about the size of his penis was left unable to have sex after he took matters into his own hands.

WB police alerted on sex racket accused


Want to boost your sex life? Botox injections to the penis ‘could replace Pfizer’s Blue – helping treat erectile dysfunction’

Watch: A woman gets Botox in her vagina

We can cure Alzheimer’s – if we stop ignoring it

West Africa: Ghana & Togo Partner to Eliminate Female Genital Mutilation

What It's Like to Have Sex After Undergoing Female Genital Mutilation

What Makes A Penis Attractive?

What Men Desire in a Woman

What Science Reveals About Pedophilia

What Should A "Good" Pedophile Do?

What We Don't Know about Sex in the Middle East’

What drives parents to kill their own children?

What is it like to be buried alive? X

What it's REALLY like to die: Swiss assisted suicide clinic Dignitas reveals harrowing VR death simulator

What’s The Real Story Behind Japans Used Underwear Vending Machines?

What We Don’t Know about Sex in the Middle East X

'When No Means Yes': The vile rantings of 'Roosh the Douche' - who admits to 'using muscle' to hold women down during sex (but denies it was rape)

Who murdered Malcolm Caldwell?

Why 'Lolita' Remains Shocking, And A Favorite

Why Are So Many Indian Arranged Marriages Successful?

Why Dubai's Islamic austerity is a sham – sex is for sale in every bar

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Why people kiss X

Why some women should use ‘toys’ instead of having sex with men – Kemi Olunloyo speaks on FGM X

Wife for sale: gone to the first bidder for £390

WikiLeaks: The raucous underground lifestyle of young Saudi royals

Wilhelm Reich Museum open for season

Will Terrorists Soon Be Using Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Will We Ever Be Able to Transplant Human Brains? X

Woman chops off cheating husband’s penis, kills herself

Woman, 36, who stinks of rotten FISH and onions is forced to work night shifts after colleagues complain

Women hunting quick - 'tightness' - vagina products selling fast

Women orgasm just by SMELLING one particular vegetable shocking new study finds X

World's heaviest man undergoes surgery in Mexico to reduce his weight by half

World’s heaviest man to undergo surgery

Would You Inject Your Penis With This? (Hint: It Will Make It Bigger)

Gemma Collins boasts about designer vagina: 'I'm like a virgin again'

Would you have this bizarre procedure to boost your penis size?

Yes, We Should Study Duck Penises

You Should Never Ever Do This (But If Your Going To Heres How): Killing Yourself

Your 'Unit' Can Now Be Enlarged By A Crazy Injection FHM

Young Sex for Sale in Japan X

Your best orgasm will happen at this age

You don’t need much space to have sex - Josephine Teo on ‘no flat, no child’ belief


Yunnan (China) / Dining Guide / Chinese Cuisine


Δοσολογία Tongkat Ali (Tongkat Ali dosage)

Ποτέ μην αγοράσετε ένα προϊόν που αναμιγνύει Tongkat Ali με άλλα βότανα (Never buy a product that mixes Tongkat ali with other herbals)

亚洲女性的性市值 (Asian sexual market value)

천주교 사제들 (Catholic priests)