Vientiane / The City





Noi T., Vientiane: "The only chance for enchanting traditional culture to survive, is when modern culture is DESTROYED. But most young people everywhere around the world are now cowards and not willing to undertake action to preserve their cultural identity against America and American aide organizations who corrupt local culture with their shit money."

Photo: The city of Vientiane

In 1563, King Setthathirat made Vientiane (in Lao language Vieng Chan) the capital of the kingdom of Lane Xang. The two most important Wats of Vientiane, Wat That Luang and Wat Phra Kaeo date back to that time.

In 1827 Vientiane had been conquered and sacked by a Siamese army. For decades the town lay in ruins, until the French, at the beginning of their colonial reign rebuilt it. However, Vientiane today does not feature French-influenced architecture to the same extent as Phnom Penh and Saigon. Instead there is a strong Thai influence.

With barely half a Million inhabitants Vientiane is the smallest capital in Southeast Asia (except for Bandar Seri Begawan of Brunei).