Myanmar / Keng Tung




Myanmar / Keng Tung

Rural market

Photo: Rural market in Northern Myanmar

Offers the unique opportunity to travel by road from Chiang Rai (or Chiang Saen) in Thailand deep into Myanmar, to the town of Keng Tung. For about 40 years a trip into this region of Myanmar was not possible, and private enterprise travel to Keng Tung is still prohibited.

Tour to Keng Tung is a genuine offer from pioneers to pioneers not only because you're travelling into an area, which for decades has been untouched by tourism.

This 3day excursion may also be called a pioneer tour because it is only possible by fourwheel drive vehicles. You have the choice between Suzuki Jeeps and Mitsubishi Pajeros.

You will cross the border to Myanmar at Mae Sai. Before continuing on north towards the 175 kilometers distant Keng Tung, you are given the opportunity to visit the astonishingly well assorted market of Tachilek, Mae Sai's Burmese sister town.

The next stop will be at Thalay, a Burmese town 30 north of the ThaiBurmes border. A Burmese lunch is prepared for you in Moung Phyak.

In the afternoon the trek leads you through a series of Akha and Thai Yai hilltribe villages. Shortly before arrival in Keng Tung you will visit the hot springs for which the place is famous. Lodging is provided in the Keng Tung Hotel, which is the best in town, but not up to the luxury you may be accustomed to from Thailand.

On the second day of the excursion you are led to visit attractions in and around Keng Tung: the lively morning market and the golden shining pagodas. Another program item is a visit to a village of the Lahu hill tribe on the Doi Maei (Mount Maei).

On the third day of the excursion, after another visit to the Keng Tung morning market, you will make your way back to Thailand along the same route you used on entering, as it is the only road between Mae Sai and Keng Tung. In the Burmese town of Tachilek you will once again have an opportunity to buy Burmese souvenirs before crossing the border into Thailand.