Nigeria: Linda Ikeji in Search of a Man to Have ‘Regular Sex’ With

Nigeria, OCTOBER 4, 2016 – All Africa

At some point in life, one must know when due for marriage, in need of a partner and when to have kids.

Popular female blogger, Linda Ikeji who turned 36 on September 19, 2016 shared a heartfelt birthday/motivational message with her fans.

In the video, Linda discussed her birthday wish – which is to have a boyfriend/husband to have regular sex with, and also raise a lot of kids – because she loves kids.

The ex-model also revealed she’s tried a whole lots of jobs which she wouldn’t want to describe as a ‘failure’ but a 1/3 of what she expected in return as an achievement.

Linda who started blogging as far back as 2006 has tried her hands on series of jobs before she finally made a hit at blogging where she’s the owner of one of the most visited blogs in Africa.

Linda didn’t just find herself as a successful blogger in a twinkle of an eye but, struggled through to attain her present achievement. She’s using this medium to motivate dreamers out there that ‘hardwork and not relenting is the key to success’.

According to her, she has paid more attention to her career work rather than mixing it equally with her private life which is the actual reason she hasn’t gotten engaged nor married.

In her 14 minutes video where she was practically crying, she has decided to mingle more with people, step out more often.

So guys, if you know you’re up to the task to take up Linda as a partner, do not hesitate to try your luck … never say never!