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Northwest Luzon / Baguio City / Accommodation / Simple Hotels and Pension Houses

Villa Rosal Inn (210) - General Luna Rd, near corner to Magsaysay Ave, Tel 40-93
All rooms with tb, hw 24 hr, wall-to-wall carpet, piped-in music, intercom, ctv, room service 24 hrs (for meals 06:00-23:00).
Fac: Rest Cafe Rosal (US/Chinese).

Simple Hotels and Pension Houses

Andrea's Pension House (200) - Camp 7, Kennon Rd, across from Monticello Hotel
Dormitory-type rooms and the apartments with kit.
Transportation: Taxi fare 20 - 25 pesos; Jeepney with signboard "Lexber - Ciudad Grande" or from (H) with signboard "Camp 7" (from Camp 7, one has to walk about 15 min uphill).

Ambassador Hotel (111) - 25 Abanao St, Tel 27-46
All rooms with tb, hw (05:00-8:00 and 17:00-20:00), room service 24 hr for drinks and meals, intercom.
Fac: Coffee shop (snacks only); free coffee for guests from 05:00-08:00.

Avila Pension (214) - Navy Road, Sta. Theresa Corp Building, near Claro M. Recto Rd, Tel 26-48
Only dormitory type rooms for 5 to 24 persons.
Common tb, only cold water.
Fac: Small carinderia-type restaurant serves breakfast and lunch as well as snacks 08:00-19:00; dinner is only made to order.
Remarks: Very quiet place in a pine grove; meals are sold at budget prices.
Jeepneys with signboard "Pacdal" from (B).

Baden Powell International Hostel (109) - 26 Gov Pack Rd, Tel 58-36
All rooms with tb, hw, intercom (main bldg.) or buzzers (annex), room service 06:00-22:30 for drinks and meals; Family Suites with kit, one Family Suite with fireplace.
Fac: Coffee shop for in house guests (Fil/US-style) 06:00-22:30.

Baguio Summer Inn (20) - 14, Road 1, Quezon Hill, Tel 35-77
All rooms with tb, hw.
Fac: Coffee shop (Fil/Chinese style)
Jeepney with signboard "Fairview"

Baguio Village Inn (8) - 355 Magsaysay Ave Tel 39-01 sgl 85
Guests in sgl rooms have to use a common tb; all other rooms with tb, hw 24 hr, room service 24 hr for drinks, 6:00-20:00 for meals;
Family Rooms with veranda.
Fac: Coffee shop, guarded parking area.
Remarks: Clean and well maintained facilities. The rooms on the highway are noisy. Some rooms (Superior, Deluxe and Family) which are located in a separate building have a private entry, so one can enter without passing through the lobby.

Bayanihan Hotel (119) - Corner Chanum/Otek Sts, Tel 42-96, 23-51

sgl 110, All rooms with tb (except during Holy Week, when some rooms are used which do not have a tb), hw only 7:00-8:30.
Remarks: Noisy.

Benguet Pine Pension (134) - 82 Chagum St Tel 73-25
Dormitory (6 persons) 360 per room; 60 per head
All tb with hw 6:00-8:00 and 18:00-20:00.
Fac: They serve meals and a choice of soft drinks.
Remarks: This place is under renovation. Construction will be completed April, 1990. Quiet central location with view over the Orchid garden (Burnham Park).

Casa Vallejo (41) - 111 Session Rd Extension, Tel 30-45, 46-01 Rooms with tb and carpet:
All tb with hw 24 hr, room service (drinks: 24 hr food: 6:30-13:30 and 18:30-20:30).
Fac: Rest Casa Vallejo (intl), deep well, safety deposit boxes, lobby with fireplace and ctv, convention facilities.
Remarks: There is an aerobic studio on the second floor which causes some noise from 7:00-18:30. Friendly service.

Chaparral Inn (25) - 67 Marcos Highway, Tel 51-20, 52-77, 33-03
All rooms with tb, hw 24 hrs, intercom, room service 24 hrs.

Fac: Rest Chaparral Steak Maxim (intl), two discos: Celebrity Club, Wit and Wild, massage parlour with cubicles (short time), medical and dental clinic (open from 13:00-01:00), beauty parlor.
Remarks: The Chaparral Inn is a sprawling compound offering a wide range of nightlife facilities. The rooms are noisy at night.

Cloverleaf Apartel - Loakan Rd., Tel 47 84

Colorado Pension House (204) - 4 Perfecto St Tel 49-41
The guests have to use a common tb which has hot water only in the morning.
Remarks: Basic and noisy, but clean.

Commuter Lodge (206) - 58 Jacinto St Tel 67-35
Fac: Coffee shop 07:00-22:00 serving snacks and meals.
Remarks: Very basic and noisy.

Corfu Village (49) - 92 Leonard Wood Rd Tel 29-69
All rooms with tb, hw (individual heaters) room service 6:00-24:00 for meals and drinks.
Fac: Rest, guarded parking area.
Jeepney with signboard "Pacdal" from (B).

Country Tavern Hotel (114) - 27 Abanao St Tel 67-75
During peak season, the rates are up by 20%.
All tb with hw from 6:00 to 18:00 Room service 24 hrs for drinks and meals.
Fac: Rest Orange County (Fil/US open 18:00-02:00), disco Country Tavern (21:00-02:00).
Remarks: The rooms situated near the disco are very noisy at night. The establishment is slightly run down.

D'Castellamonte Condominium (127) - 12 Otek St tel 37-31
All rooms with tb, hw.
Fac: Rest O-Mai-Khan (Mongolian), Michael's (intl, sing-along), folk house Castellamonte with bar. A billiard hall and dart room are in the basement.

Diamond Inn (78) - General Luna Rd Tel 23-39
All tb with hw; room service 24 hrs for drinks and food.
Fac: Snack center for sandwiches, soup, small snacks and drinks, folk house Diamond (9:00-21:00).
Remarks: basic and noisy, friendly staff. Centrally located.

Emerald Lodge (78) - General Luna Rd
sgl 40, dbl 80, Family 160
the guests have to use a common tb which does not have hot water.
Remarks: Very basic; rather noisy.

Everlasting, Hotel (97) - 52 Magsaysay Ave Tel 31-38
Ordinary 175
11 rooms with tb, for the other 4 rooms common tb; all tb with hw 24 hr.
Fac: Own deep well.
Remarks: Courteous service. The rooms which face Magsaysay Ave have a view over the central market; they are, however, noisy.

First Hotel (16) - 20 Bonifacio St Tel 21-44
All rooms with tb, hw, room service (for drinks: 24 hr; for food: 6:00-20:00).
Fac: Rest Green Pepper (Chinese), generator, deep well.

Garden Inn (65) - 5 Lapulapu St, Tel 63-98
All tb with hw, some rooms without window.
Remarks: rooms with windows are noisy. Basic.

Gasera in Rotonda (32) - 1 Marcos Highway, Tel 74-91
All rooms with tb, buzzers, room service 24 hr for drinks and food.
Fac: Rest Gasera (Fil/US), fireplace, disco Gasera (19:00-3:00), guarded parking area, game room.

Goodwill Lodge (155) - 58 Session Rd Tel 66-34
All tb with hw; all rooms with fan, room service 24 hrs for drinks and meals, tv for rent 30 per day.
Fac: Private deep well.

Happy Home Lodge - 420 Magsaysay Ave
The guests have to use common tb's; hw is available 24 hr. All rooms equipped with wash-basin. Room service for drinks and snacks 6:00-21:00.
Fac: Canteen for soft drinks and snacks.
Remarks: family atmosphere and friendly service; very clean. Good value.
Jeepney with signboard "La Trinidad" from (C).

Harrison Lodge (208) - 5 Claudio St/Cor Harrison Rd Tel 74-15, 49-20
Only Double rooms have tb; Single small rooms do not have windows.
All tb with hw 24 hr, Room service 24 hr for drinks and meals.
Fac: Rest Harrison (24 hr) and Steak Maxim (intl), disco with live show 18:30-2:00.
Remarks: Rooms are basic and noisy, but clean.

Hermoso Compound (3) - 74 Bokawkan Rd Tel 63-81
Arrangements with common tb:
Dormitory 40/50
The apartments each cover the whole floor of a house and contain, apart from the bedrooms, the following facilities:
- smaller apartment: 2 tb, kit and lounge; can be used by up to 23 persons;
- larger apartment: 3 tb, kit and large lounge.
All tb with hw 24 hrs.
Fac: Terraces for dining and meeting, fireplaces.
Remarks: The compound consists of two large houses which are situated in sprawling garden grounds. The whole complex is clean and well maintained.
Transportation: Taxi 8 from Session Rd jeepney with signboard "Pilot Project" to Holiday Supermarket; from there, one has to walk 100 m.

High Country Inn Hotel (211) - 102 Naguilian Rd Tel 61-37
All rooms, except for sgl, with tb, hw (6:00-9:00 and 18:00-21:00), room service 24 hr for drinks and meals.
Fac: Rest High Country Inn (Fil/US; 6:00-22:00), intercom on every floor, safe deposit boxes, convention facilities.
Jeepney with signboard "Dominican" or "Lourdes" from (P).


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